Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Autosomal DNA for DAW(E)

The males need not be the only ones having dna fun for DAWE.

Although yDNA is the quickest and surest way of proving direct male lineages, it is restricted to just the direct male line descendants.
Autosomal DNA is far more inclusive in that anyone with a DAWE ancestor may contain segments of DAWE DNA in their genes.
Unfortunately the inheritance process is a little more random, and the lottery of life may mean it is no longer detectable, but you wont know until you try!
Want some background reading? Check out the ISOGG Wiki
- http://isogg.org/wiki/Portal:Autosomal_DNA
- http://isogg.org/wiki/Beginners%27_guides_to_genetic_genealogy

Autosomal results have not yet been included on the DAWE DNA project supplementary pages, but we are having a degree of success identifying segments of dna that can be attributed to DAWE ancestors from Devon.

Check out Lorna's personal DAWE page for a chromosome map, already out of date as more data flows in.

To join in with the multi-dimensional jigsaw involved in identifying the shared segments of dna and the shared ancestor responsible for passing on that bit of dna down the generations, do consider autosomal dna testing - FamilyTree DNA's FamilyFinder for preference as you can then join the DAWE DNA project there, but if you have tested at 23andme or ancestry and have DAWE ancestry, why not consider transferring to FamilyTree DNA?
See the DNASurnames project diary for their transfer incentive, club together with family members tested elsewhere, and get a free transfer.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Devon DAWE

Our sole representative of the family of miller Isaac and Sarah (SMITH) DAWE of Lamerton has upgraded to 67 markers.
The results show he has no matches at 67 markers at all in the FTDNA database.
Back at 37 markers he only had one match, and that at a genetic distance (GD) of 4, to a person claiming descent from a HARRIS of Nova Scotia.

There must be others claiming descent from DAW(E) families of Devon interested to see if they connect?
Check out the Wanted Page for more information.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Results from Devon

Preliminary results are beginning to arrive for a representative of the Devon DAWE family of the miller Isaac DAWE of Lumburn.
Another in the growing group of R-M269 (R1b1a2).
The Summary DNA pages have been updated, including the remainder of results for the representative of the family of John & Sophia DAWE of St Blazey, Cornwall.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Cornish DAWE(S) results

The Summary Result page has been updated to include the preliminary Y-DNA results from a Cornish line.
Currently looks to be a new lineage rather than a match to any in the project.
Haplogroup not yet known.
In addition, the patriarch page has been rearranged to group pedigrees by haplogroup, and colour code them accordingly.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Have a great 2014

No, the lack of posts doesn't indicate a lack of activity, far from it.
Just no time to update the diary.
Remember to keep an eye on the general DNA notices on the DNA Surnames diary.

FamilyTree DNA's annual sale is over and done with and although we didn't advance our knowledge of DAW(E) Y-DNA to the best of my current knowledge, we do now have a prospect lined up that may do so.
Fingers crossed.

A lot of my time these days goes onto exploring autosomal matches (FamilyTree DNA's FamilyFinder test, or 23andme or ancestry's autosomal test).
I am intrigued to notice a match to a lady with Newfoundland DAWs in her tree.
We've not yet explored the connection further as there's only so many hours in a day.

If you do want to venture forth into autosomal DNA testing, ancestry is currently offering tests at a discount (they were down to $79US but now seem to be $89US). Remember to  transfer your results to FamilyTree DNA, and upload your raw data to GedMatch, to make the most of your investment, fishing in as many ponds as possible to find your matches.
As they only ship to US addresses, check out the ISOGG Wiki Shipping page for some options if you are elsewhere.

May 2014 bring us all DAW(E) dna successes!