Saturday, July 23, 2016

atDNA group

While we wait for more yDNA candidates and matches, those of you also exploring autosomal DNA (atDNA) to see what that may add to our overall knowledge of DAW(E) families may be interested in two updates:

On my (Lorna's) DAWE family page there's a updated chromosome map of some of the DNA segments that have been identified as having been inherited by the participants from either Isaac DAWE or his wife Sarah SMITH, who married in 1796 at Tavistock, Devon.
The 2014 version is still there for comparison.
It is already out of date as another descendant of William Smith DAWE and Mary WAY has popped up on GEDMatch, having tested at Ancestry

Over on DNASurnames, the DAWE DNA results page has an atDNA section added.
Included on that page is the current Dawe/Smith descendants chromosome map, but also a chart showing the predicted generations between matches along with the actual generations.
The chart also highlights the randomness of atDNA inheritance by showing which cousins do NOT have a detectable match (over 10cMs).
There is also a segment traceability diagram, copy below, showing how many connections between tested participants exist - thanks to the wonderful tools on GEDMatch. This one comes from the Multiple Kit Analysis - key for the diagram is on the above linked page.

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